Tranquil Fantasy

a quilt started by glacier on Aug 20, 2018

A peaceful land of magic and adventure, wonder and imagination, welcomes you!
Go ahead and create as many tiles as you like in this fantasy-themed, desktop-sized collaborative quilt using a 23-colour palette created just for the occasion!
Time to see what fantastic places we can work together to create!

Is this your first time participating? Take a look at the Getting Started video!
12x10 rectangular tiles, each 80x54 pixels in size
Visible border of 8 pixels available for blending
Edges of the quilt wrap both horizontally and vertically
Tiles become visible when their neighbours are complete
Checkout Rules
You'll have 24 hours to complete your tile after checkout
Only colors from the Tranquil Fantasy 23 (created by glacier) palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!
Contributors (22)
glacier (14), vrolik (12), Aterlamia (6), MyFingerSlip (5), Allu Gamez (4), Garrett Greer (4), Gaff (3), Noxitive (3), Seth Gover (3), towel (3), Gamekrazzy (2), Radical Thomas (2), Spencer Egart (2), BlueDragonHatch (1), BonnieMuffins (1), CanadaBlu (1), Foxies (1), Honest Dan (1), InsertCoffeePls (1), Moonshine Monkey (1), Sybirhin (1), cain king (1)
72 of 120 tiles completed (60%) - Download 960x540 PNG
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Top 3 Tiles
❤️ 4 The Protector by Honest Dan
❤️ 3 Cloudfall Ridge by glacier
❤️ 2 Beanstalks; The City of Mists; Cyclops Leaves His Mark On The World by glacier
Twitter Credits
@windfallapples @TylerRhodesArt @aterlamia MyFingerSlip @AlluGamez @gargreer Gaff @Noxitive @seth_gover towel @Gamekrazzy @connectoffline @spenceregart BlueDragonHatch @tehmoof @smolbeanblu Foxies @HonestDanGames InsertCoffeePls @moonshinemonke2 @Sybirhin cain king