PixelCollabs 5: Arctic Wasteland

a quilt started by ⭐Noxitive on Jun 23, 2019, completed on Jul 15, 2019

Theme: "Arctic Wasteland"
Brr, it's a chilly one for the PixelCollabs community! We hope you enjoy your time working together to make some fun, collaborative art!

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8x4 rectangular tiles, each 48x54 pixels in size
Visible border of 12 pixels available for blending
Edges of the quilt wrap both horizontally and vertically
Tiles become visible when their neighbours are complete
Checkout Rules
You'll have 24 hours to complete your tile after checkout
A maximum of 2 tiles per user, please
Only colors from Noxitive's POLA5 palette are allowed. The server will clamp any offending colors to the nearest color from this palette!
Contributors (24)
Depresso Espresso (2), Goosy (2), Hoomanoid (2), MedDaKvas (2), Mr Dreamcast (2), MyFingerSlip (2), SpikeBerd (2), White Lotus (2), abonbon (1), Belzah (1), Braven64 (1), Dine (1), Empsy (1), garbo111 (1), Kio Shinozaki (1), Lains (1), ⭐Noxitive (1), papa tetris (1), Paperfish (1), PBandJesse (1), Starlane (1), SuperSodaYoda14 (1), The_LAM (1), veehive (1)
32 tiles completed! - Download 384x216 PNG     Creative Commons Licence
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Top 3 Tiles
6 abomination of snow by SpikeBerd
6 Ice King is coming to a party by MedDaKvas
5 The Igloo In The Ice by Mr Dreamcast
Twitter Credits
@_0ptimist0 Goosy @TheHoomanoid @MedDaKvas @Mr_Dreamcast @slip_my @BerdBoy1 @White_lotuspa @_abonbon @Belzahh @Braven64 @dinchensart @empsy4 @theonetruegarbo Kio Shinozaki Lains @Noxitive @PapaTetris @Paperfish_S @PBandGebbe Starlane SuperSodaYoda14 The_LAM veehive